About Us

We are a small hobby kennel located on Vancouver Island in British Colombia, Canada. Jade and James Zwingli share their home with Australian Shepherds and 1 Chihuahua adopted through rescue. Our dogs are first and foremost members of our family that live in our home. They are exposed to children, other dogs and cats on a regular basis.

We decided to begin breeding after owning several generations of Australian Shepherds and competing in a variety of dog sports over the past 15 years. Our goal is to produce dogs that are talented athletes but also lovely family pets.

All of our dogs that are bred will have a variety of performance titles, health testing and show exemplary temperaments. Jade works as a dog trainer and regularly comes across families struggling with complex behaviour issues that stem from poor genetics, lack of early socialization and low resiliency among dogs. We are dedicated to doing everything in our power to not only breed healthy dogs but with a focus on stable temperament.

Our breeding program includes regular professional development through attendance in seminars on breeding, neonatal care and early puppy socialization. We do the Puppy Culture program with our puppies. You can follow litter socialization on our Facebook page as we will post regular updates including photos and videos there.