Welcome to Sea Spray Aussies!

Breeding CKC & ASCA registered working line Australian Shepherds with health testing and exemplary performance.

As a professional dog trainer I understand how important it is to have a dog that can literally do it all – be your best friend and pet as well as work hard when asked. Our entire breeding program is based on having a dog that is a pleasure to live with as well as excel in dog sports, working on a farm or accompanying you on adventures.

Our Aussies live in our home with us, compete in a variety of sports and adore going on boating, camping and hiking trips. They are active dogs that want to do it all.

Registered Working Line Aussies

Our litters are registered with both the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). The dogs used in our breeding program are from working lines – bred for herding drive and instinct. This makes for great working and sport dogs that are very active and thrive in homes that give them a job to do. Please note that our puppies will have tails and dewclaws intact.


We believe in breeding proven dogs – dogs that excel in a competitive environment. Our dogs compete primarily in Disc Dog (Up Dog Challenge), Rally Obedience (CARO and CKC), and Agility (AAC). Additionally, all of our dogs have earned their Canine Good Neighbour title through CKC. We do not have many litters because our dogs are busy competing and we start breeding them later in life. This means we know what type of dog we’re working with and also allows for more time to detect health concerns if they exist.

Health Testing

We strive to produce the healthiest dogs that we possibly can. This means that we health test for genetic disease. Our breeding dogs have OFA hips and elbows, eye exams from an Ophthalmologist Veterinarian, and are screened for Autoimmune thyroiditis, Collie Eye Anomaly and Multiple Drug Sensitivity; and many more. Our health testing is transparent as we post our results with OFA, Embark and on our website. We will provide full health records on any of our breeding dogs to prospective puppy buyers upon request.

Sea Spray Australian Shepherds

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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